My “Fall is Finally Here” Menu Plan

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Fall has finally arrived, Florida style.  It’s sweet relief from the heat, cool enough to open up the windows and turn off the ac.  Even cool enough at night to close the windows, or leave them open and break out the down comforter.  That means it time for warm comfort foods.  Here’s the plan: Pork […]

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Tomato and Red Pepper Jam

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I’ve made a terrific Tomato Jam before but somehow I’d forgotten about it.  Seeing something similar on a restaurant menu recently made me pull out the recipe and tweak it a bit.  I didn’t bother with the real canning process because this won’t last too long around it.  It’ll be just fine in the fridge. […]

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Steak Sandwiches

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I’d been craving a good steak sandwich, with good meat and lots of cheese.  This is what we came up with.  A spicy steak, smothered with onions.  Some with blue cheese and some with provolone, depending on preference. Delicious! Baguettes or your favorite sandwich rolls Steak, boneless sirloin here Yellow or White Onions, 3 or […]

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Bourbon-Molasses Braised Beef

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Perfect cool weather comfort food! Stew Beef, about 2 pounds Butter, 1/2 cup Sweet Onions, 2 small Peppercorns, a few Allspice, a dash Bourbon, 1 cup Molasses, 1/2 cup Beef Stock or Bouillon, about a cup In a stockpot, heat the butter over medium-high heat until it begins to bubble and brown.  Add a third […]

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Pan-Smashed Potatoes with Rosemary and Buttermilk

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Rosemary and potatoes are a classic combination but how to add rosemary to mashed potatoes?  The rosemary needs to be cooked a bit so it’s not too hard, like eating pine needles.  Solution?  Saute the rosemary then smash the potatoes in the pan. Yukon Golds are my usual favorite for mashed but this time I […]

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Grilled Italian Chicken Salad

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Here’s an easy Italian salad that makes a complete meal by itself.  Fire up the grill before the weather turns cold.  Already to chilly for the grill?  Roast the peppers and onions under the broiler and toss the chicken into a skillet with a little olive oil.  Either way, this is simple and tasty. Romaine […]

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