My Favorites from 2011

December 31, 2011

When I first toyed with the idea of creating this blog I thought it would just be an easy way to share my favorite go-to recipes with friends.  After all, I had a bunch of dishes in my arsenal so how hard could it be to turn them into blog posts?  I didn’t give much thought to what would happen when all of those old favorites had been shared.  Well, coming up with new ideas has proven to be the biggest challenge of blogging.  After more than 2.5 years not every recipe I’ve concocted becomes a keeper but a few become instant classics at my table. Here are some of my favorites from each month of 2011.

What were your food favorites this year?  Old classics?  New discoveries?  What changes are you making for 2012?


We celebrate a couple of birthdays in January and this Chocolate Raspberry Cake is now a birthday favorite.

February gives us the last few oranges fresh from the tree and we put them to good use with Citrus Rum Grilled Chicken.

I got a terrific polenta board last year and put it to good use.  Chicken Thighs and Polenta were a big hit in March.

Pasta will always be a go-to dish around here and this Fettucine with Sausage and Sage was an easy April creation.

May is another month full of family birthday celebrations.  The hot weather calls for a pitcher of cool refreshment.  Blueberry Lemonade was a hit with the kids and adding a little vodka made it a bigger hit with the adults.

Light and cool yet packed with flavor, this Southwestern Chicken Salad was a great summertime dinner.

The garden was full of jalapenos in July so we decided to give Pepper Jelly a try.  It was a hit and we ended up making several batches.  We’re still enjoying it now.

Ice cream and August just go together.  Orange Chocolate Chip was the flavor of the month.

With the long, carefree days of summer fading, September means back to routine and a return to comfort food.  Spaghetti and Sausage is a hearty classic.

A fish dish that even the seafood-haters in my house liked, Blackened Tilapia and Tomato Corn Salsa made the hit list in October.

Just when I thought a baked potato couldn’t get better, Hasselback Potatoes with Rosemary and Fontina proved me wrong.

And finally, the centerpiece of the best meal of the year!  We smashed up all kinds of tradition this year, giving up the tired old turkey and serving Prime Rib for Thanksgiving. I know, not in December but kicked off the holiday season and made it to the blog in December, just in time for holiday meal planning.

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