It’s National Peach Pie Day

August 24, 2011

Peaches, plums, nectarines and melons are my favorite fruits and I’m always a bit sad this time of year, knowing all of that goodness is coming to an end before long. But until then,  here’s an easy flashback recipe to celebrate National Peach Pie Day.

I’m lazy and I’ve never mastered pie crust from scratch.  Any of you Pie Masters have good recipes and tips for pie crust?

  • Pie Crust (I use the refrigerated stuff but never the frozen. I’m too lazy to make my own.)
  • Ripe Peaches, 8 or 9
  • Brown Sugar, 1/2 to 3/4 Cup
  • Corn Starch, 2-3 Tablespoons
  • Cinnamon
  • Butter
  • Vanilla
  • Milk
  • White Sugar

Generously butter a pie pan and set it aside.

Rinse peaches and slice them. Cut from top to bottom, all the way around the pit, and gently twist to separate the halves, then slice into wedges.

Add brown sugar. I usually start with 1/2 cup. Add more depending on how sweet you want your pie and the ripeness/sweetness of the peaches.

Add 2 to 3 tablespoons corn starch and a teaspoon or so of cinnamon.

Stir gently until peaches are evenly coated with the sugar mixture.

Carefully unroll a crust.

Lay it in the prepared pie pan and press it into place.

Fill the crust with the peaches.

Dot evenly with about half a stick of butter, cut into thin pats.

Drizzle with a bit of vanilla.

Unroll the second crust. You can skip the cookie cutter and just cut slits for venting. Or, you can use a cookie cutter or knife to cut a shape from near the middle of the crust. Be sure to save the piece you remove.

Place the top crust in place and press gently to seal the edges. You can use a fork to press them together and create pretty lines if you like.

Brush the top crust with milk. Add the dough cut out and brush it too.

Sprinkle lightly with white sugar.

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes or so, just until the filling is bubbly and the crust is browned.

As soon as it’s cool enough to eat, turn it over to hungry boys, along with vanilla ice cream.


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