Gardening Week Fifteen

June 27, 2011

Bugs. The bugs have finally gotten out of control and nearly gotten the best of me. I said goodbye to the squash, zucchini and cucumber this week. At least there’s still plenty of time for another round before I have to worry about cold weather.

This is how it looked before I started yanking. The cantaloupe, on the lower right, has managed to escape the worst of it so it’s staying put. The zucchini, which you can see just above the cantaloupe in the photo, might have been salvageable but I yanked it anyway. It was crowding out peppers and tomatoes anyway.

Squash bugs! Lots and lots of squash bugs. You can see what they’ve been doing to the leaves.

And another shot of the nasty little critters. As soon as I started pulling plants they started scurrying everywhere.

And this is what they’ve been doing to the stems. Although this might be a combination of damage from both squash bugs and squash borers. How in the world do these critters know to seek out squashes? And where do they live when there aren’t any squash plants around?

And their eggs, here on a tomato leaf. As much as I’d love to avoid chemical pesticides, I resorted to a good dose of Sevin spray.

It’s the Leaning Tower of Tomato! The tomatoes got new stakes and a good pruning.

But what is this knotty business on the main stems?

The tomato plants are full of fruit though, some of it FINALLY starting to ripen. I don’t know why they’ve been so slow this year. We should be almost sick of eating tomatoes by now.

The cantaloupes are starting to look “brainy” on the outside. I’m hoping the bug treatment saves the plant so the melons can continue to grow and ripen.

The peppers are doing great. Just before I took these photos I picked a good handful of serranos and jalapenos for dinner. The okra is doing quite well too.

Here’s how it looks after I yanked and staked and Chris pruned the tomatoes for me. I’ve got new squash and zucchini seedlings to put in this week after one more round of insecticide.

On a better note, all of the potted herbs are doing well. Doesn’t this mint look luscious?

The basil and cilantro are bolting like crazy but I keep cutting them back. I also picked up a couple of new basil seedlings.

And the lavender smells as good as it looks!

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