Gardening Week 14

June 19, 2011

Last weekend was just too busy to post a garden update, what with a day of MAJOR housecleaning, tons of good music and my birthday celebration so I just skipped a Week 13 update. Besides, 13 wasn’t terribly lucky, with the usual assortment of hits and misses. I learned the hard way not to leave squashes and (especially) okra on the plant too long before picking. The okra was really too tough to eat and the yellow squashes, which had started to move beyond yellow into gold, had thick, tough skins. Live and learn.

This week has brought a lot of much-needed rain and with it has come a bit of a rejuvenation for some things. I’m still not sure the cucumber and squashes are going to make it much longer so I’m thinking about pulling them and starting over. There’s plenty of time before I have to worry about cold weather.

The potted herbs have really liked the rain. Rosemary, mint, sage, oregano and parsley are all doing well. The cilantro is holding it’s own but the basil is skinny, with woody stems and lots going to seed. It’s time to add new basil plants.

Tomatoes! Lots and lots of tomatoes, finally!

And more tomatoes!

The tomato plants have become huge. This one needs to be put back in its cage.

The okra blossoms are so pretty.

The cantaloupe plant continues to creep out into the yard.

And the baby cantaloupes are starting to look like real cantaloupes.

The cucumber is struggling. Time to put it out of its misery this week, I think.

The squash and zucchini plants got major pruning this week, with a lot of damaged leaves and wet, icky stuff removed. They’re mostly coming back. I’m not pulling them yet.

The zucchini has new leaves and blossoms.

We’ve got more serranos and jalapenos than we can possibly use this week. Some are destined for canning or the freezer. Or roasting?

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