Gardening Week Eight

May 8, 2011

Lots of growth, some death and fresh starts and the possible solution to some problems. All in all, a good week.

I’d been assuming that the pots were getting at least some water from the sprinklers. Wrong! My neglect went on too long and it was time to put some herbs out of their misery and start fresh. New oregano, parsley and cilantro seedlings went in this morning. I still need more rosemary and thyme.

The bed is filling up and doing quite well.

The rosemary, dill and sage in the blocks are doing well but I’m not quite ready to start picking it yet.

These poor Thai chilis! They were pretty scrawny even before the cantaloupe and cucumber started crowding them. I pulled them out of their old home in the blocks and found that those stupid “plant right in the pot” peat containers were still almost completely intact. When planting, the roots were so entwined in the pots I was afraid to disturb them too much so I was willing to believe the label. I’m hoping they make a good comeback now that they’ve got plenty of room to grow roots.

Once I moved the Thais, I realized that at least some of the tomatoes were probably suffering from the same problem. I carefully dug them up, removed that pot junk and put them back. No wonder the poor things couldn’t grow!

The vines are going absolutely crazy. We have baby squashes.

And baby cucumbers.

It seemed like the okra babies just showed up overnight.

Lots of huge, green leaves on the zucchini. I’m sure there are baby zucchinis in there somewhere.

And my favorite helper. As soon as I head out to the back yard she races ahead of me, barking like a fool, just in case there’s something out there she needs to get. Mostly she just leaves land mines in my path.

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1 Amy @ A Little Nosh May 10, 2011 at 4:07 pm

So exciting seeing all the growth happening now. We haven’t even put anything in the ground yet!


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