Gardening Week Six

April 26, 2011

Almost everything is growing well but there are some disappointments this week.

The basil and cilantro are going to seed quickly.  They all got chopped back this week.  The mint and thyme suffered a lack of water this week but they’re doing better now that I gave everything a good watering.

The tarragon and sage are still doing quite well.

All of the vine stuff – squash, zucchini, cantaloupe and cucumber – is growing like crazy.

And they all have lots of tiny leaves and buds.

The serrano has buds.

And so do the bells.

The okra still isn’t very big but it’s got a lot of new growth and tiny buds.

The tomatoes are my biggest worry.  They’ve all got blossoms but they’re not growing very quickly.  The leaf damage seems to have slowed but I’m afraid it’s taking a toll.  Everything got a good spraying with Neem Oil Extract and I’m hoping it helps.


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1 Rachel @ Rachel's Recipe Reviews April 26, 2011 at 9:56 am

Everything looks beautiful! We live in a condo right now, but this a garden is one of the first things I hope to achieve when we get a house. I’m hoping to do (at least) a pot of basil on the balcony this year.


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