Sage and Balsamic Pork Chops

February 8, 2011

I’m always looking for quick and easy dinner ideas.  Boneless pork chops are just as versatile as boneless chicken breasts and add a little variety.

Topped with a sweet and tangy balsamic sauce, these garlicky chops were delicious served over a big pile of Gouda Grits (just substitute Gouda for the cheddar) and alongside Squash and Onions with a little zucchini thrown in.  The whole meal was quick and easy, with dinner for six going from pantry to table in about 45 minutes.

They’d go equally well with mashed potatoes or steamed rice.

  • Boneless Pork Chops, 6 here
  • Garlic, 5 or 6 cloves
  • Sage, 2 tablespoons or so when snipped
  • Salt/Pepper
  • Butter, one stick
  • Balsamic Vinegar, 3 to 4 tablespoons
  • Brown Sugar, 1/3 cup
  • Chicken or Vegetable Stock (or bouillon), 1 1/2 cups

Snip the sage and mince the garlic.  Then heat half a stick of butter in a large saute pan or skillet, just until it’s nice and bubbly.

Season the meat with salt and pepper and put it in the butter over medium-high heat.  You don’t want to pan to cool off too much or the pork won’t brown.

Sprinkle in the garlic and sage.

Cook them for a few minutes and once they’re no longer sticking to the pan, turn them over and brown the other side.  Remove them to a platter and keep them warm for now.

Add the sugar, vinegar and chicken broth.  Be sure to scrape up all the browned goodness as you stir it in.

Let it simmer for a few minutes, until it’s reduced by about half.

Toss the pork back in for a few minutes, turning it once or twice, and cook until it’s done.  It doesn’t take too long.

Take the pork back out and stir in the remaining half stick of butter.   Or skip this and skip the extra calories.  Your choice.

Garnish the platter with extra sage if you like.  Serve it up, passing the sauce separately.  Enjoy!

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1 Lana @ Never Enough Thyme February 8, 2011 at 1:27 pm

Great recipe, Karen. Love the combination of sage and pork, but I’d not thought of adding brown sugar before. That would really kick the flavors up a notch, I’m sure! I’ll take one of these with a scoop of your Gouda Grits, please :-)


2 Alison @ ingredients, Inc. February 8, 2011 at 4:19 pm

Great combination of flavors!


3 Barrett April 6, 2011 at 7:45 pm

Hey guys!
I made this the other night, but tweaked it a little. I added some black cherry jam to the sauce and let it simmer longer on it’s own. Served it with some steamed broccoli and boiled potatoes. Turned out amazing. I continue to get compliments on it. Thanks for the recipe, great blog!


4 Karen Bove April 6, 2011 at 8:47 pm

Black Cherry Jam sounds like a wonderful addition! I’ll have to give it a try.

Glad you enjoyed it!


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