Sourdough French Toast with Orange

March 12, 2010

We eat breakfast for dinner fairly often around here.  It’s easy, inexpensive and it gives us a chance to enjoy delicious breakfast foods that we just don’t have time to eat for actual breakfast.

French toast made with sourdough bread is a breakfast-for-dinner staple.  This time I decided to add a little orange to the mix and it worked really well.

I made ten slices for the five of us.  My general rule of thumb is one egg and 1/2 cup of milk for every two slices of bread.  That makes it easy to adjust the amounts based on how many you’re feeding.

  • Sourdough French Bread, ten slices
  • Eggs, 5
  • Milk, 2 1/2 cups
  • Orange, 1
  • Vanilla, 2 teaspoons
  • Cinnamon
  • Butter

I preheated the griddle to 300.  If you’re using a regular pan you might want to wait until you’re almost ready to melt the butter before turning on the heat.   Either way,  you don’t want it too hot.Zest the orange into a large, shallow bowl.Squeeze the juice from the orange remains.Add the eggs and milk.And a little vanilla.Whisk until it’s well blended.  Let it sit for a little bit,  to give the orange flavor a chance to develop through the batter.Generously butter your pan or griddle.  If the heat’s right, the butter should bubble gently but not brown.  Meanwhile, soak a couple of slices of bread in the egg mixture for a couple of minutes.  You want it to really soak in, not just coat the outside.Place the bread on the griddle and sprinkle it with cinnamon.  Let it cook for a few minutes before turning.Flip it over and let it cook on the other side, just until it’s starting to brown a little.  You might end up turning it a few times before it’s evenly done on both sides.

Remove it to a platter and keep warm while the next batch is cooking.Add more butter as you start the next batch.  Serve it up with your favorite maple syrup or sprinkle it with confectioners sugar.

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1 James March 12, 2010 at 8:46 pm

Wow. just wow. Puts my French toast to shame! Thanks for the idea–will have to try it soon.


2 Memoria March 13, 2010 at 12:54 am

I’m so jealous of your griddle!!! :) This looks yummy!


3 grace March 15, 2010 at 8:30 am

first of all, your massive griddle surface rocks my socks off. secondly, i think this must be one of the finest batches of french toast i’ve seen–nicely done!


4 Karen Bove March 15, 2010 at 10:30 am

Thanks everyone! I do love my griddle. It’s a bit of a pain to clean it but so worth it.

This french toast is easy to do without the orange. I like it to make it without the orange and use it for a breakfast sandwich…egg, sausage and cheese.


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